My coworker refuses to wear pants

Are you working at home with kids? Here’s something fun for a Friday afternoon.

(This is an experiment to see how it will go over here. I’m borrowing it from a Facebook group. The person who posted it there said she borrowed it from another group.)

Here’s the idea. In the comments below, post something that your kid(s) have done while you’ve been trying to work from home.

But instead of saying “my kid,” replace it with “my coworker.”


“My coworker just spilled glitter all over my office and ran away.”

“My coworker snuck up behind me and told me he loved me. This is better than yesterday when he told me I’m the meanest mom ever.”

“My three coworkers got into a fight over Legos. One coworker then tried to stuff them down another coworker’s pants.”

Have a great weekend everyone, even if you can’t tell the difference!

If this is just too silly for you to participate in, no worries, we’ll be back to regular content next week. But I hope some people will think it’s fun.

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